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Why did you become an electrician? my business, How many years have you been working in the industry? 20 years, How and where did you receive your training? In Dubai,  What was a time when you had a problem you could not figure out and you had to find a solution on your own? professional experiencecarpenter maintenance work near me cheap al majaz al khan al taawun sharjah 0558193318 / 0561008376

What is an ElectricianElectricians are responsible for inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems. Electrician mobarok 0558193318 general work at homes, businesses, and generally work as contractors.

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1, Electricity 2,Plumbing 3,AC Service & Repairing 4,Painting 5,Water Proofing 6,Cleaning 7, Handyman Service

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